A Unique International Business Opportunity

When a fledgling entrepreneur considers venturing into an
international business opportunity and decides to research
the available opportunities, perhaps using Google or one of
the popular search engines, very little information is to
be found. In fact the term “business opportunity” yields
approximately 250 thousand search results, “home business
opportunity” yields approximately seventy thousand search
results, “network marketing business opportunity” yields
slightly over one thousand results and “international
business opportunity” is just about equal to “network
marketing” in terms of search results.

It’s obvious that
there are hundreds of thousands of individuals interested
in a “business opportunity”; however, by far the majority
limit themselves to considering more conventional or
perhaps “vague” opportunities. This article will propose a
broader look at available opportunities and in fact will
consider a unique, if not compelling look at an
international business opportunity and more specifically a
generalized network marketing international business

Before delving into international business opportunity
specifics, let’s take a look at the cultural and
technological developments that have come about in the past
15 to 20 years that make it possible, and perhaps even
desirable, to consider a more global view when approaching
a new business opportunity. Tremendous strides in
communications technology brought about in a large measure
by the development and astronomical growth of the Internet
have made instantaneous communications with a prospect,
client or business associate not only simple but very
inexpensive. The advent of email, audio/video conferencing,
and VOIP (voice over internet protocol) phones have made it
as easy to contact the person next door, as the one down
the block, in the next state or on the next continent .

Indeed because of these strides in technology it is
possible to combine the “business opportunity”, the “home
business opportunity”, the “network marketing business
opportunity”, and an the “international business
opportunity” into one all encompassing global business that
is operated out of a home office with a computer and broad
band internet connection with little else needed. To be
entirely correct, there are already a small number of
leading edge companies that are operating in just this
manner with all of the tools in place to operate
nationally, internationally or globally.

While it is not the intent of this article to make specific
international business opportunity recommendations,
consider as an example a business using a model of
operation commonly referred to as a Funded Proposal or a
Generic Funded Sponsoring Franchise System. The Funded
Proposal, in a pure sense, consists of three parts: the
Funded Proposal, secondary sales, and a primary business
for long term wealth generation. Many businesses using this
model, market an information product such as an ebook,
course, or seminar that they sell to first qualify
prospects and to generate income to fund their future
advertising in building their business.

The secondary sales, sometimes referred to as back-end
sales, can be products, services, or tools that are an
integral and fundamental part of the operation of the
business as well as to further enhance the income generated
by the business. It’s possible that a break-even or
slightly profitable position can be achieved via the
secondary or back-end sales.

Obviously, the primary business is the most crucial part of
the international business opportunity and must be selected
with great care. There a number of factors that must be
considered carefully. These include: 1. The Company must
have unique products that serve multiple different market
categories and appeal to the masses. 2. The company must be
stable, must have been in business for a minimum of 15 to
20 years, and have the ability to generate long-term sales
and income. 3. It must have a system that is simple and
duplicatable for product marketing and delivery. 4. The
Company management must have been successful business
leaders and have a vision for future growth. 5. The Company
must be global. 6. It must payout at least 50% of sales,
offer unlimited depth within the compensation plan and must
offer meaningful Fast Start Bonuses. 7. They must give back
globally and have a vision of making an impact on the world
in a positive manner.

In conclusion, given the correct business model along with
a well thought though plan or vision for success, the
extraordinary tools that are available today and with
plenty of hard work, it is entirely possible to start a
successful business with a minimal investment. That is not
to say that there will not be obstacles and disappointments
along the way, but regardless of the choice, whether it be
restricted to one’s home town, whether it be a network
marketing business opportunity, a home business
opportunity, or an international business opportunity
there’s little doubt that one exists which will fit your
desires and expertise, but make sure that you do your
research and that your selection is based on a sound
business model and well thought out plan.

Real Estate Investing – How to Get Started

A lot of money has been made by those who invest in real estate. If you are a new investor thinking about jumping in then this article is for you–a straightforward three-step plan meant to help you get started investing.

1) Make a Decision

Foremost; you must decide that you will make a commitment to invest in real estate. Yes, real estate can and does provide financial success for the average person, but it’s not all fun and games-getting started investing in property takes work. You must be willing to make an effort to learn the nuances over a several month period with a good attitude about learning and the resolve not to quit until you succeed.

2) Learn the Basics

A wealth of information is available for you on real estate investing. There are books, seminars, and now, thanks to the web, a ton of online resources. The cost will be minimal, and in many cases, many resources are free. So your education isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg but to be successful you need to invest the time and money to learn.

Start by learning the basics. Learn how properties are valued, how title is transferred, what title insurance is, as well as other general real estate terms and concepts. There are glossaries available online. Then expand your education by learning the terms and concepts associated with real estate investing such as cap rate, gross rent multiplier, operating expenses, net operating income, cash flow, and so on. Learn what an APOD is and how to read a Proforma Income Statement. Learn the formulas. Again, there are numerous articles online to educate you.

Next, learn about financing. Did you know, for instance, that multifamily properties consisting of four or less units are financed by a “residential” loan whereas multifamily properties of five or more units are financed as a “commercial” loan, and the terms and conditions of each loan category vary significantly? Plan to meet with a lender or a real estate professional to discuss these types of loans as well as some creative financing techniques such as lease-options.

Third, you need to learn how to find and evaluate rental property. The surest way is with the help of a professional understands investment property and real estate investment software. Whereas the professional can help you to locate rental property, a good investment software solution can help you evaluate the property’s cash flows, rates of return and profitability as well as teach you-you will learn the investing nuances almost by default as you use the software to run the numbers.

3) You Must Get Started

Bear in mind that you will never know it all, so don’t think that you must wait until you do. If you have been doing your homework, and have studied and learned, then get out there and start applying the investing information. You’ll never enjoy the security and financial freedom real estate investing has to offer until you invest.

If You Are Not In A Home Based Business You Must Be Brain Dead

Let me ask you this. How would you like to get a $6,000 to $8000 raise this year? Can you use some extra cash every month? Would you like to put something together for your retirement other than an ira or money market fund? If you can answer, yes to any or all of these questions, then you should take a look at a home bases business. Read on and I will tell you about the guaranteed raise at the end of the article.

Let me break this down for you and strip away all the hype that you see on television or on the web. I am sure that if you watch television you have seen the ads for home bases business’s. They show some gal or guy standing in front of a huge home and nice high end car while telling you that they could not pay their mortgage payment a year ago and now they have this huge swank home and new sports car. Can this be the truth? Where would you get the skill or mindset to make it all happen? Is this possible? Absolutely it is. Here are some facts about the explosive home-based business market. 13 million americans are involved in home-based businesses with annual sales in excess of $30 billion. Fortune magazine says, “it’s the best kept secret in the business world.” “an investor’s dream… an industry with steady annual growth, healthy cash flows… forget your paycheck; your w-2 days are over. It’s a 1099 world now.”

The first thing that one should consider prior to jumping in to this market is the investment of dollars. Most of the home-based businesses have a one time sign-up fee. This can run from $50 to many hundreds, and well over a thousand. Many have a monthly fee or a minimum monthly order set up as an auto-ship. (Products are sent to you monthly and are charged to your credit card on file). Many of the companies pay commissions to the person who referred you into the organization. Many also pay you a percentage of the monthly auto-ship of all those below you also. You may have to have a minimum of people who you need to personally refer into the business to qualify. Many companies will sell you leads for you to call or e-mail. I don’t like these too much as momentum is hard to keep up when people in your down line cannot get qualified. These common traits are not a negative if your earnings are greater than the yearly cost of being active in the company. It also depends on how much cash you have to throw at the business every month as you are building it or waiting for it to mature.

The second thing you need to consider is the time factor. This is the most popular negative answer that I get when I approach someone on joining one of my many home-based businesses. They work so hard at the job that they do not have any spare time to spend building a home-based business. You cannot push anyone who thinks that they have no time at all to spend on a home-based business. They see my wife and myself taking trips, cruises, and enjoying the good life and whine that they cannot afford to do these things on the money that they make. They have no time for a home-based business but they sit around every night watching television hour after hour. On the weekends they do the same and maybe go out to dinner. It does take a commitment of time to get a home-based business working for you. The time required varies as too the nature of the business and the products or services that they provide.

I have 6 home-based businesses that I reap money from every month. Three of them are nutrition-based business. I had a run it with diabetes six years ago. I have used whole-food products and liquid supplements to fend off that disease. My blood sugar level is good and I check them every morning. The companies that I use for these products are mlm (multi level marketing) structured companies. I got involved in my first one when I was earning my living with my venture capitol business. I did not want to get into any pyramid business scheme or scam. The products worked great and the whole family felt and looked great. I finally got tired of purchasing my products form my doctors web site and decided to join the company and get my products for cost. I never intended to make a dime with this company. I just liked the products; they worked great for my family and myself. I was working as usual one day when my wife called to ask about a check that had come from the nutritional company. What should she do with it? I told her to put it into the bank. This was the first of many checks to arrive at my home. What was I doing to earn money with this company?

I had to backtrack myself to find out what had happened. I was taking the products while on my fund raising trips. Many of my business associates and friends saw me taking the products. I was sharing the results of taking the products as I had tons of energy and lost over 30 pounds by that time. After going to dinner with the gang I was going to the workout room at the hotel and taking a swim and them meeting everyone at the bar. As it turned out I did give one of my buddies from dallas the link to my custom web site that was provided by the company. He as many other had done before, ask me what was I taking every day and how could he get some to try. Come to find out, he started to use the products and shared the results with his circle of fiends and associates. I was getting commission from him and others in his group. He had shed some pounds, his skin cleared up, and he was working-out at the gym and riding his bike again. Things really took off when he shared this with his church group. I was making some major cash every month and getting my products for free. Could there be something to the mlm business programs after all?

I am 59 years old and wish that I had given the mlm marketing approach a chance a few years earlier. I can only thank god that I am earning my living with the help of mlm marketing now as you know making a living and getting set for retirement is a daunting task. I wish I had started a good home-based business instead of several of my ira accounts. You might be thinking to yourself about now, “is it too late for me to get into a home-based mlm?” most people know that you have to get in early to make the big bucks as the people at the top make all the big money. This is true to an extent. Some companies have been around for years. Amway now quickstar is one that comes to mind. I know several people making a seven-figure income with this company. It took some years to get there and I am not sure that it is that easy to get there now. I am in one other nutrition company as I like the products and I am earning profit with that company also. It took me a year to see the profit, as I was not or never have sold anything to do with that company. I am in a travel company also, and am doing great with that company also. It took me a year to see a nice return but the commissions come during travel peaks during the year. I wanted to find just one more company that fit these priorities. One more money machine generating cash every month to insure a fruit full golden retirement. I wanted also to be on the ground floor of a new start up with a great product with these features.

It had to have a product that everyone used now. This would make it much easier for people to accept. “many people still do not see the need for nutritional products that cost $100 or more every month”. The company would have to be internet based as I am very lazy and only like to spend a few minutes a day on the pc to see how much money I am making. I did not want to have to keep any inventory or make any kind of deliveries. The one time fee or start of cost would have to be low. “people do not want to invest much in there future”. The company would have to have a duplicatable marketing system. The qualifications for commissions had to be low and easy for anyone new to the mlm world to achieve. The system had to be easy to use and require no time from me helping newbie’s coming into my businesses down line. It had to have a good non-flushing payment system. A flushing pay system takes commissions that you may not qualify for now and pays it to your up line. “hence, all those at the top get rich.” a non-flushing pay system keeps the points or dollars waiting for you to qualify. I like to think of this type of a system as I do an annuity. When you qualify you get paid the money that your group or down line has generated. Last but not least, the monthly fee or auto-ship had to be low and affordable.

Well here is the scoop of a lifetime. I was ask to head up the marketing for a new home-based business. The company is up and running and is in pre-launch as to today’s date. The official launch date is july 4th. 2007. If you are reading this down the road do not despair. The fact that you are just reading about this and you are seeing it for the first time means that the market is still ripe for you to get your share of the wealth. The cost of the business is free. The cost of the custom web site is free. The product is great. The qualifying is simple and will cost you only $1.33 per day and you can drink the product, as it is coffee. You only need two personally sponsored people and you are in. Full commission. The best tasting coffee at an affordable price. This is one of the easiest and most profitable companies that I have been associated with. They have a 24/7 healthy coffee hot line and 4 nightly training and opportunity call per week. All the products are 100% guaranteed. Coffee blends, teas, cocoa, and full company support. Just use the product and share it with your friends and associates.

It is a non-flushing binary commission system. It is not a pyramid scheme. When I am ask that question I always answer it this way. Corporations are really pyramid schemes, as they have a head at the top the ceo, everyone else is below. A network marketing company is designed to bring you up to the top, not keep you at the bottom. A true net- work marketing business does not succeed if it does not bring people up to the top. You can get free samples and your free custom web site to send your friends and family to.
You will need to check this one out before you hear about it a year from now at the office. Some one else will be offering you a taste of healthy coffee and telling you that they are giving notice and getting out or the rat race due to the earnings form there home-based healthy coffee business.

I told you at the top of the article that I would tell you about the guaranteed raise that the federal government gives you. This is the home office home-based business tax deduction that you get every year. Think about this for one minute. Take your total cost of your home or apartment. This includes your utilities, insurance, and all costs to keep that roof over your head. Now take the square footage of your living room as your home office. Multiply the cost per square foot and that is your home office deduction. Also. Your cell phone as long as you have it listed on your home-based business site. Your internet costs. You get to take just under $.50 per mile for fuel cost. Your start up costs. Your monthly home-based business expenses, products or samples and many more.

I am not a tax person. I use a professional who is familiar with home-based business deductions. I also have my tax bible. “lower your taxes” by sandy botkin. He was an irs attorney and senior tax law specialist. I would suggest that after you get into your new home based business you get his book.

If you want to get on the ground floor of my new home-based business go to my forbes guy review web site. Scroll down and you will see it. It is the second item on the site. Please take a look as this business as it is free to join and it is new.

Go to my web site for all the information and the link to my healthy coffee business web site. You will also find the links to many of my other popular home businesses.