Business Card Benefits

I probably don’t need to tell you that business cards are an incredibly powerful way of getting your name in people’s minds.

There are several benefits to having your own business card the first being that it gives you a way to leave your impression on potential customers.

Are business cards for everyone? The simple answer: Yes. The more complicated answer: No.

Any business, at any level of complexity, benefits from business cards. But high-volume businesses typically rely on business cards at higher levels of the business–finding new suppliers, prospective employees, and other business contacts–than on the basic promotional level.

For a small business (with a much flatter organizational model, usually), business cards take on a much more vital role. This holds doubly true for skilled trades or any business that works on a client model, rather than a customer model. Customer-based businesses (from supermarkets to software concerns) benefit the most from having a large body of customers to place orders or come into the store, and business cards, for all their advantages, don’t do this as effectively as other forms of advertising. But for skilled trades and other client businesses–for example, graphic designers, efficiency consultants, and even in-home housecleaning services–rely less on a large body of customers than on a few local, trusted clients who’ll patronize the business, form relationships with the business, and provide references to friends and business contacts to allow the business to grow. Basically, if your business provides a service that a larger business needs, or that can be performed effectively for only a few local clients, business cards are essential for business success.

The other business model that benefits the most from business cards is Internet-based business.

Remember, when people leave your website, the majority of the time they forget you, your site and anything to do with you forever.

Having a business card keeps you, your business and your products & services in the mind of your prospects and if they ever have an associate ask about a service like yours, chances are they will recommend you.

Make sure you have cards handy at all times so you can share them with people who would like to have them.